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English Classes

Something useful about the language

Mass literature (fiction)


Mass literature (fiction)
  These are some notes of the lectures given by prof. Kucharenko in Odessa’s national university.
  This course was given all around the CIS and in the USA, being highly estimated by scholars. You may not find it anywhere else on the Internet.
  I hope this genius woman, who I was lucky to learn from, would not mind me posting this material, as she has always been glad when someone wanted to know, to develop.
  This is the first part of the lectures. The second one follows soon.
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Agreement of the predicate with the subject



  Are you sure you know how to build an English sentence?
  Here is a report I wrote for my grammar class. It lists all the rules of agreement between the subject and the predicate of the sentence with examples.
  Actually before writing it I’ve never thought that the rules were so complicated, and still I’m not sure that I can keep them all in mind ;)
  I hope the students of linguistic departments will make use of this work. Anyway, it is worth reading.
p.s.  Scroll down the post to download this report.

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