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Topics for the 4th form - 2


Topics for the 4th form - 2
Another bunch of topics for the fourth year of studying:

  • I and my family
  • My friend
  • My flat

I and my family

  Hi! My name is ____________. I am _________. I am a schoolgirl/schoolboy. I am in the _____ form. I am Ukrainian. I live in Odessa.
  I am tall/short. My hair is dark/blond and long/short. My eyes are dark/blue/green/grey.
  My family is not big. I have a mother, a father (a sister and a brother).
  My mother’s name is ____________. My father’s name is ____________. My sister’s name is ____________. My brother’s name is ____________.
  I love my family very much.
*Сюда включены две темы - About myself и My family. Они были сокращены в одну в соответствии с требованиями для поступления в гимназию этого года.

My friend

  I have got a friend. His/her name is ____________. He/she is _______ years old.
  He/she lives in Odessa. He studies at school №_____. He/she is a pupil of ____ form.
  He/she is fond of painting/dancing/swimming/sport/music.
  He/she is good at playing the guitar/playing football/singing/drawing/Maths/English.
  He/she is interested in collecting stamps/reading/doing sums.
  He/she doesn’t like Maths/English/reading/sport/doing housework.
  He/she is a tall/short boy/girl with dark/blue/green/grey eyes and dark/blond hair.
  He/she is a good friend.

My flat

  My flat is nice. It is on the second floor of a block of flats. We have got three rooms: two bedrooms, a living-room, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is also a balcony in our flat.
  My room is nice and light. It has got two windows. There is a table, a bookcase and a lamp to the right and a bed to the left. There is a picture on the wall.
  There is a big sofa in the living room. Opposite the sofa there is a TV set. On the floor there is a large soft carpet.
  We have got a big fridge and a gas stove in our kitchen.
  We are happy to live in our nice and comfortable flat.

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“Topics for the 4th form - 2”

  1. On 5 марта 2012 в 14:26 nataly пишет:

    Sorry to interfere here, but you can’t say I and my family, more appropriate will be - My family and I.

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