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Test - 4th year, revision


Test - 4th year, revision
  When our students came back from summer holidays, we had a revision test after 8 lessons.
  This test may also be used as a final test for the 3rd year students.
  It icovers: “to be going to” construction, Present Simple and Present Continuous.

  1. Read and write what they are going to do:
    Example: My sister has got a bike. She’s going to ride it.

    • Ben has got a ball. _________________________ .
    • These girls have got some books. _____________________ .
    • I have got a hamburger. _________________________ .
  2. Fill in the blankets. Use: have (got)/has (got), do, am, is, are.
    Example: Dear Mary,
    My name is Emma.
    I _____ 8. I live in England. I _____ got two sisters. My sisters’ names _____ Kate and Betty. Kate _____ 7. She _____ _____ a pet dog. Her dog’s name _____ Grey. Betty _____ 12. She _____ _____ a pet cat.
    _____ you like animals? I like animals very much.
        Yours, Emma.
  3. Open the brackets:
    a) What does my sister do every day?
    Example: She (clean) cleans her room.

    • She (go) _____ to school.
    • She (watch) _____ a film.
    • She (go) _____ to bed at 9 o’clock.

    b) What is she doing now?
    Example: She (clean) is cleaning her room.

    • She (go) _____ _____ to school.
    • She (listen) _____ _____ to music and (eat) _____ _____ a hamburger.

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