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English Classes

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Topics for the 4th form


Topics for the 4th form
  A couple of topics for pupils of the 4th year of studying:

  • Hobby
  • At the Enlish lesson


  Hobby is the thing people like doing in their free time.
  Different people have different hobbies. They are fond of collecting things, doing sport, gardening, travelling, reading and playing computer games.
  I have many friends. They have different kinds of hobbies. Many children are fond of collecting. Some collect old coins, others collect postcards. Boys are fond of sports cars. They collect stamps with cars and car models. Their favourite kind of sport is car racing. Girls prefer dancing and painting.
  As for me, my hobby is collecting stamps and making photos of flowers.

At the English lesson

  My name is…………… I am a pupil of the ………..… form.
  I have many interesting subjects at school: Maths, Nature Studies, PT, Ukrainian, English and so on.
  I want to tell you about our English lessons. We have English lessons on Mondays, ……………., …………………. and ………………… . We have it ……. times a week.
  At these lessons we learn to read, write and speak English. Our teacher explains us new words and expressions and we write them down in our vocabularies. We also read, translate and retell texts, describe pictures, ask and answer questions, make up dialogues and do grammar exercises. Sometimes we write dictations and compositions at the English lessons. We write about our families and friends.
  We often have fun at the English lessons: we sing songs and play games.
  We like these lessons very much.
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“Topics for the 4th form”

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